Customized Stereo System

To create reverberating, theater-quality sound, H1 partnered with harman/kardon
to create a customized set of 45mm duo speakers. After conducting extensive
sound testing, H1’s harmon/kardon speakers produce endlessly vibrant, accurate,
beautiful sound, culminating in a superb audio-visual experience.

Rich, Complexed,
Layered Sound:
H1 Never Settles for Less

The 45mm harman/kardon duo speaker units provide
powerful sound effects, outfitted with extra vibrating
plates to enhance bass performance.

High Quality Bluetooth
Stereo: Immerse Yourself
in the World of Music,
Just Like You Would In Concert

H1 is not only a screenless 300” TV - it’s is also a set of high-quality
bluetooth speakers. Connect your smartphone, iPad, MP3 player, or
laptop, then close your eyes and let the music take you to another world.

Expansive Chamber Design for
Deeper and Stronger
Sound Performance.

H1 uses a wide sound chamber design (6x larger than
Z4 Aurora) in order to provide more abundant sound,
while simultaneously maintaining pure, uninhibited
audio quality.

H1 Elevates Your

As does its high-quality speaker duo by harman/kardon.
Plus, H1 connects easily over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Vibrant Sound, Sturdy Bass