300” Theater-Grade Experience

H1 uses DLP optical-projecting technology to create a lifelike high-quality
movie experience, transforming your home into your very own VIP theater.

True High Resolution
Support Force Decode

H1 has 27 certified picture and color enhancement
technologies to provide you with extraordinary quality,
letting you focus on the content you love.

1080p True High Resolution Reveals Twice as Much Clarity

H1’s physical resolution technology allows for 1920 x 1080 true resolution,
projecting a massive 300 inch display without sacrificing pixels or details


900 Ansi Lumens Provide a Stunning Viewing Experience,
Even During the Day

Color Management Engine
Reveals Vibrant Hollywood

H1 follows color standard DCI-P3 to customize each
frame with optimal color tone, recreating the true
color tone from every original source.

Color Standard
Optical Projecting Tech

10000:1 High Dynamic Contrast Adjustment
Exposes a More Vivid Color Spectrum

With the new IntelliBright™ Technology, H1 intelligently adjusts the dark and bright areas of each frame to project the
most balanced projection blend

Just Like Your Own Eyes,
H1’s Auto-Brightness Feature Seamlessly Adapts to Its Environment

H1’s smart contrast function enables it to adjust quickly. Its built-in OPT3001 opto-sensor combined with the
IntelliBrightTM algorithm allow it to identify light changes of 0.01 - 83k lux, then automatically adjust brightness and
contrast accordingly.

Square Pixel Structure Elevates Image with Details and Clarity.

Instead of presenting a common diamond pixel structure, H1’s square pixel structure shows full details, making images
smoother and more natural - a particularly notable feature for on-screen text.

Diamond Pixel
Square Pixel

Full 3D Theater Effect

H1 uses DLP cinema-grade automatic 3D shutter image-forming technology.
This feature enables a more lifelike projection of 3D effects.